Iran Terror - Terror Victims - Palestine - Lebanon

Terrorism is a controversial term with multiple definitions but none of them are globally ‎accepted. Oxford English Dictionary has defined terrorism as a doctrine which attacks with ‎the aim of intimidation, using threatening ways with the dominance of fear for an ‎intimidating atmosphere.
It should not be forgotten that the political and social situations of Germany and Japan ‎following the World War II is not in anyway similar to the current situation of Palestine ‎and Iraq. The dramatization of Bush’s government in this respect would be disastrous not ‎only for these two countries but also for the entire Middle East.
After September 11 events, the United States had a dream of imperialism for which it ‎violated all international regulations and occupied two independent countries—‎Afghanistan and Iraq. The US invaded Iraq claiming the country owns weapons of mass ‎murder and supports terrorism, although no such weapon is found there and Iraq’s ‎support of Al-Qaeda is not proved yet.‎ ‎
Concerning the previous failed experiences of such conferences, absence of a great ‎number of Palestinian groups and Arabic-Islamic countries and lack of public will in ‎making peace and terminating the occupation of region, every one can predict the ‎absolute failure of the this conference.‎



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